A person’s funeral is a time to celebrate the life they have lived, to express our grief at our loss, and to pray together to God for them and for ourselves.

Whether or not you or the person who has died has been a practicing Christian or a member of a church we will give you our full personal attention and support as you arrange for your loved one’s funeral as you need it to be. We will be pleased to work with you and your funeral director to plan the Order of Service including your choice of music and hymns, who will offer tributes or readings and other details that will make the service personal to you and be a real reflection of the person who has died.

Three Kinds of Funeral

We can offer you three kinds of funeral service:
Funeral Service in Church followed by Burial in our Churchyard at Wrotham Road
Funeral Service in Church followed by Cremation at a crematorium
Full Service at the crematorium

When you talk to your chosen Funeral Director ask them to contact us and we will arrange to be available to prepare and take the funeral service, or you can contact us directly yourself.

Burial of Ashes;

We have a beautiful and secluded Garden of Remembrance in our Churchyard where we can arrange for the interment of cremated remains. This can happen a few days after the funeral or at any time afterwards.

Our Commitment to You;

We will pray for you and your family through the time leading up to the funeral and in the time afterwards too.

We will ensure that your loved one’s funeral is taken with sensitivity and personal commitment so that it is as you need it to be.

We will invite you to come to our annual Service of Remembrance at which we will remember those who have died by name.

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